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installation. folded paper. sythetic logs. fluorescent tubes. cexcellent birds was a collaboration of artists from different fields: choreography/text/performance/installation & dance Ursina Tossi/Anja Winterhalter/Saskia Bannasch, sound / Johannes Miethke

»Be a Bird – be an excellent bird!

»We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the fact that thinking will end with the sun’s death! While we talk, the sun is getting older. It will explode in 4.5 billion years. With the sun’s death – what remains will belong to no one. Together with the earth human thinking will burn down on its horizon.« Collage with words by J.F. Lyotard

EXCELLENT BIRDS is a choreography about designing a medium to save human body-intelligence. Before the sun’s explosion one has to create a body to transport movement-potential into the future: A bird-AI (Artificial-Itelligence) functions as a new form of body-memory. In EXCELLENT BIRDS we’re asking the question how bodies are produced on different virtual levels and media.

We sent a bird into space to explore how far we can go …
it didn’t come back!«