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Born in south of Germany, Saskia Bannasch lives and works in Hamburg. She has a degree in communication design at University of applied Science Mainz (2006). Shortly after her graduation she started to freelance as a book-designer as well than working on free projects. 2007 she was a stage design assistant for a art-project in Kanda, Toronto. She deepened this experience now and than by doing stage objects for choreographers in Hamburg.
Saskia Bannasch continued her education in the range of performance and dance. »The body in space« emerges as a major theme of her artist work.

Saskia Bannasch about her work in the booklet »tre cose«: I am engaged in the topic of space, the known and the unknown. I am interested in the relation between space, time and body. From my point of view, the three components are related to each other and they create the volume of space. The decisive factor of my inquiry is not only the visible existence. In fact, I am fascinated by emptiness, which makes me aware of blurred tracks.
I approach the whole extent of space just as I approach the little space inside a space. I use drawing to get a general idea of a room/area/re­gion in a two-dimensional way. Later fractions of my drawings become, again, part of my work as »transcripts«. Chance plays a role in this, as well. I bring out what I experience and tie it in with the observation, continuing to perceive these things. The outcome of this examination is a new perception of the space through a site-specific installation.

2017 »›No notice gave she, but a change‹ archive of the ephemeral«, Bridget Stern Galerie, Hamburg
2017 »not at home«, Gruppenausstellung, Atonale, Obihallen, Hamburg
2017 »ding und Wesen«, Gruppenausstellung, Bridget Stern Galerie, Hamburg
2017 »later erveything will be different«, Einzelausstellung, Nachtspeicher Hamburg
2016 »grid works I–III«, Gruppenausstellung, Nachtspeicher Hamburg
2015 »song for four hands and newspaper«, Kulturkiosk Blohmstr., Harburg
2015 took part at »VON HAUS ZU HAUS #3«, clay-sculpture, HERR PFAFF, ideen & gute worte, Hamburg
2015 »later everything will be different« and »the rubber glove«, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM), Reykjavík
2015 »excellent birds«, Collaboration with Ursina Tossi (dancer and choreograph) and Anja Winterhalter (Performer and dramaturgy), Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg
2014 »How much time needs the present I–III«, three-part sidespecific work, Video and 2 Installation, shown at Galerie of 33officina in Toffia, Italien
2014 »more or less«, 2 Videos in Greenscreentechnic and Soundwork, Collaboration with Franca Valeska Laufer, shown at 2025 e.V. Galerie, Hamburg
2013 »Among Deers«, Installation for a constellation of choreography and composition, shown at musicclub Übel und Gefährlich, Hamburg
2013 »Die Formwandlerin«, Performance and Installation, Invitation from HFBK the Kunker-Pproject, shown at Bundekunsthalle in Bonn
2012 »REFRAIMING«, drawing-cycle,shown at »Anonyme Zeichner«, Tiergartengalerie Nord, Berlin and at Gigi Art Space, Hamburg
2011 »Die Schlange häutet sich«, Videowalk und Installation with parachutes, Collaboration with Franca Valeska Laufer, shown at Frappant Galerie, Hamburg
2010 »Collier Passè«, Object, shown at Galerie Linda e.V., Hamburg
2010–2013 »The Icelandic Animal«, Video- and Soundwork, shown at Gigi Art Space, Hamburg
2010 »Move, move, move«, playable Installation (pleated skirts, weight, light) shown at Galerie Linda e.V., Hamburg
2010 »HUMNUMENTO«, Video and Objects, shown at Galerie Linda e.V., Hamburg
2010 »ONE« Performance and Installation, Collaboration with the dancer Angela Mara Hafer Florant and dancer/violinist Magdalena Erdmann, shown at the art-congress »Kongress für Anders« im the former St. Michaels hospital, Hamburg

Artist in Residency:
June 2015, SÍM Residency, Reykjavik
May 2014, 33 Officina Creativa, Toffia, Italy

for applied work:


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